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Small batch #1 2022

Monymusk 2012

Age: 9 years old

Number of casks: 24

Cask type: American Oak Barrels

Fermentation: Light

Maturation: Tropical & Continental

Rum mark: MDR

Filled: 21/09/2012

Bottled : 02/03/2022

Small batch size: 6,076 bottles

Unchill-filtered & no colour added

R&BT Small Batch EU bouteille + etui.jpg

Tasting notes 


Fresh and fruity. Passion fruit, mango, lime.


Intense and moutfilling. Roasted pineapple, raisin.


Long and resting. Vanilla, Banane flambée.

Drone Stills (2).jpg

About the distillery


Monymusk Distillery / Clarendon Distillery

Region: Clarendon Parish

Address: Lionel Town, Jamaica

Founded: 1949

Distillation equipement : 2 pot stills & 1 column still

Capacity: estimated at 12-14 million litres of pure alcohol / year

Monymusk (also called Clarendon) distillery is an active rum distillery built in 1949 in Lionel Town in the south of Jamaica. The distillery produces circa 12 million litres of pure alcohol per year of which 9 million litres are made with its column still and 3 million litres with its pot stills. The production facility is composed of two buildings. The oldest one holds two double-retort pot stills of 20,000 litres (5,300 gallons) and 25,000 litres (6,600 gallons) connected to their respective fermentation oak tanks and producing a spirit of about 85% ABV. The most recent facility built in 2009 accommodates a triple column still producing a spirit lighter in aromatic compounds up to 96% ABV.


Monymusk offers two different styles of pot still rums : light and heavy. Both rums styles are made from molasses, a mix of sugarcane juice, bagasse (among others sugar cane fibres left post pressing). The main difference lies in the fermentation time which is fairly short for the light style – 2 to 3 days- and much longer for the heavier style – 2 to 4 weeks-. Multiple marks/marques exist defining exact production specification, a bit like a cuisine recipe.

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