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Small batch #3

Finglassie 2017 (Peated)
Jamaican Rum Cask Finish

Type : Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distilled at InchDairnie distillery
Malted barley origin : Yorkshire, UK
Fermentation : 66 hours with MG+ cream yeast
Still run time : 5 hours
Cut points : 75% to 67% cut points
Age : 6 years old
Casks: ex-bourbon casks (maturation); Ex-Jamaican rum barrels (finish)
Cask fill strength : 63.5%
Number of casks : 10
Filled : January 2017
Bottled : July 2023
Small batch size : 3720 bottles at 46% ABV
Unchill-filtered & no colour added


Tasting notes 


Vegetal peat, hints of pineapple and Spices


Lemon, Sherried Orange, Smoke


Ripe bananas, Cereals

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About the distillery

InchDairnie Distillery

Region: Fife, Scotland

First distillation : December 2015

Distillation equipment : 4 washbacks;
2 pot stills heated with steam

Capacity: 2 million litres of pure alcohol
/year approximately

Inchdairnie Distillery is located in Fife (Lowland)
on the east side of Scotland. The distillery first turned on its wash still and spirit still in 2016 and produced about 2 million litres of alcohol in 2022. We are very pleased to work with them on two specific makes : “Finglassie”, a memorable Single Malt Scotch Whisky letting us exploring the different faces of Peat; and “Strathenry”, a beautiful non-peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky with a delicate and complex aromatic profile.

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