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Single Cask 1998

Long Pond #10245

Glass Revolution Exclusive (USA)

Cask Number: 10245

Number of bottles: 177

Distillery: Long Pond

Mark: LSO

Age : 23 years old

Fill date: 24/07/1998

ABV: 57.6%

Bottling date: 01/03/2022

Type: American Oak Barrel

Fermetation type: Light

Distillation: Light Pot

Maturation: Tropical & Continental

Volatile subtances (g/hlpa): 642.7

Esters (g/hlpa): 146.6

Angel share > 46%

R&BT SC Long Pond 1998 _10245 + etui.jpg

About the distillery

Long Pond

Long Pond Distillery

Region: Trelawny Parish

Address: Clark’s Town, Jamaica

Founded: 1753

Distillation equipment : 5 pot stills and 1 column still

Drone Stills (7).jpg

The distillery opened in 1753 has stopped operating for quite a few years before reopening in 2017 thanks to the refurbishment of existing equipment initiated by its owner National Rums of Jamaica. The site holds 200,000 gallons (757,000 L) molasses tanks installed at its entry Long Pond is fairly aligned to its peers in its distillation setup composed of a mix a five pot stills and a column still.


Long Pond Distillery and Rest & Be Thankful have a common characteristic. They both have been named after a place. Long Pond Distillery was named after a mountain peak name in the Jamaican Cockpit Country. Rest & Be Thankful was named after a scenic viewpoint in Glen Croe, Scotland overlooking a mythical road built by the British military built in 1753, same year Long Pond distillery was. Rest & Be Thankful is also a mountain peak located 10 km / 7 miles away from Long Pond peak in the Cockpit Country.

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