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Rest & Be Thankful is a brand, a business but most of all a lifestyle. It's the story of a small passionate team committed to bottling great spirits.

We have been in the premium spirits business all our working lives and have an unparalleled network that allows us to consistently source great whiskies, rums and other fine spirits.

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Our rums

Whisky is our first love. It’s what we know , it’s what we’ve grown up and it’s pretty much all we’ve been involved in all our working lives. But then we discovered the world of rum and an initial interest first became a passion and has now become a key part of our business.


And given that the actual place – Rest and Be Thankful – exists both in Scotland and in Jamaica, then there is great serendipity that this is the name of our brand celebrating the best whiskies and rums.


Our small batch and single cask bottlings are always free of additives and colourings and are un-chill filtered to deliver the true identity of the matured spirit.

Our whiskies

Rest and Be Thankful was originally launched as a brand of single cask bottlings in 2012; via our connection with Bruichladdich, our first bottlings were fantastic casks of Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and even Octomore.

We then bottled casks from iconic distilleries such as Springbank, Bowmore, Macallan and the Rest and Be Thankful brand became associated with single cask bottlings from some of best distilleries on the planet.

As quality casks became ever more difficult to source, we embarked on a programme to replenish our stocks so that going forward we can again offer superb single cask and small batch bottlings. It may take some time but you can be assured that future Rest and Be Thankful whisky bottlings will be every bit as good as those original bottlings that are still so sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

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